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Home Renovation Builders in Geelong Committed to Delivering the Best Results

At Modcraft Services, we are proud to be one of the top home renovation builders in Geelong. We renovate places with care and work with attention to detail. We put our lives and souls in every project to give your place the refreshed look that it needs. So, no matter the type of home that you have, if you require a simplified or a customised modification that will stand out from the rest, we have you covered. Connect with us and tell us your requirements so that we can proceed with the consultation and the development of the plan.
As home builders in Geelong, our only commitment is to provide you with flawless results. We will deliver what you expect and accomplish the project on time. So, apart from renovation, if you are looking to construct a new home with certain features, don’t hesitate. Share your ideas with us so that we can come up with a plan. We will get it approved by you, and thereafter commence the project.

We Are One of The Leading NDIS Building Contractors in Geelong

Buildings for participants need to be optimised according to their disabilities. So, if you are planning to construct a property suited for individuals under this scheme or want to modify the existing property, get in touch with us. We are one of the leading NDIS building contractors in Geelong having the necessary experience in developing functional and accessible properties. We will consider your requirements and modify or develop the property accordingly. For this reason, you should rely on us when it comes to the development of these properties.

If you are new to NDIS or want to modify space according to the requirements of your loved ones but do not have a concrete idea on what to opt for, we can help you. In addition, we will use premium materials to construct the property or renovate the same.

Extension and Renovation Builders in Geelong Ready to Customise Your Property

Do you want to create bespoke renovations or extensions? Your search ends with us. With unparalleled expertise and teamwork, our extension and renovation builders in Geelong will fulfil your requirements. They will match your expectations by accomplishing the modifications with unparalleled craftsmanship. Additionally, the usage of high quality materials will ensure durability and structural integrity. However, while doing the needful, our professionals will ensure zero damage work.
Since every property is different, constructing extensions or renovating them can be a challenge. Our builders, however, are adept at overcoming them by performing flawless execution of strategies while ensuring the enhancement of aesthetics and appeal.


Quality workmanship using the best materials to suit your budget.

We are proud of our detailed craftsmanship, and make no apologies for setting high standards in our pursuit of perfection. At the end of each day we want to leave for home knowing we have completed something we are proud of. Finding creative solutions and bringing them to fruition is a strong catalyst for why we get out of bed each morning. 

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We've heard the stories about tradies not being able to string two sentences together.

Other than that being slightly offensive, in our experience it is simply not true. We pride ourselves on being able to communicate clearly the solutions to different problems. No-one likes confrontation and the best way to avoid confrontations is to make sure everything is explained clearly. Modcraft Services clients are not frightened to ask any questions, because we place a high value on transparency with our business.


You can't fast track experience, and from what we learnt, hands on experience is the best place to gain knowledge.

When you are entrusting a builder with your dream home or an important renovation why wouldn’t you give a team of highly skilled builders an opportunity to make the whole experience a pleasant one. Modcraft Services put their decades of experience to work on every project, so you’re guaranteed to get the outcome your budget can afford.  Modcraft Services is also a registered Master Builder.

Reasons Why We Are the Ideal Building Services Consultants in Geelong

So, what makes Modcraft Services the best building services consultants in Geelong? Here are some of the points:

To get further details about our consultancy, or any of the other services that we offer, connect with us today.


FAQs About Our Building and Renovation Services in Geelong

Can your NDIS building contractors in Geelong modify a property according to the participant’s needs?

Yes, our NDIS building contractors in Geelong will customise the property based on your needs. In fact, we can also construct a functional and accessible NDIS property.

Can your home renovation builders in Geelong do the needful safely?

Our licensed and insured home renovation builders in Geelong will complete the project safely without making unnecessary modifications. For this reason, we are one of the most trusted names around.

Can your extension and renovation builders in Geelong work on any type of property?

Yes, our extension and renovation builders in Geelong can work on all types of properties and provide you with the results that you desire.

When should I contact your building services consultants in Geelong?

You should get in touch with our building services consultants in Geelong if you want suggestions regarding the modifications that will best suit your property.

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