Building Consultation

Pre-Construction Readiness Consulting Services

The Pre-Construction process is littered with unknowns, our consultation service makes the process transparent.

The pre-construction journey is a daunting prospect for anyone not experienced in the building process. Even for people who’ve been in the industry for decades, the regulations and legislation changes keep us on our toes

Modcraft’s building consultant services helps make the pre-construction process easier for you. With decades of experience building everything from new homes to sheds to two storey blocks of flats, we’ve gathered a hefty amount of experience working with shires/councils, architects and drafts-people.

In keeping with our desire to be as transparent as possible we will present a detailed fee proposal at our first meeting. This will outline the scope of work, deliverables, and associated costs to get your project up and running.

In light of the significant time investment required for pre-construction planning, we will apply charges for any pre-construction work conducted, encompassing various tasks such as reporting, surveying, soil testing, assessments etc. Please click on this button below for more information about our pre-construction process


We've heard the stories about tradies not being able to string two sentences together.

Other than that being slightly offensive, in our experience it is simply not true. We pride ourselves on being able to communicate clearly the solutions to different problems. No-one likes confrontation and the best way to avoid confrontations is to make sure everything is explained clearly. Our clients are not frightened to ask any questions, because we place a high value on transparency with our business.



Project Overview

We will provide a brief description of the project, including its purpose, location, and any specific requirements or challenges.


Scope of Work

We will provide listed services and individual project tasks that need to be executed prior to commencement of any works on the estimating process/quote.



The deliverables we will provide are listed below. This may include Reports, Scope, Surveyor, Soil test, Assessments, Recommendations, engineering, permit, B.A.L and energy reports.

For the following services we will notifiy you if they are required.



We will provide an estimated timeline for pre-construction, including key milestones and deliverable due dates.


Fee Structure

The pricing for this service can be tailored to accommodate the unique requirements and scale of your project, and it will be determined by our consultant after a detailed discussion with you. We will provide you with a transparent fee structure, outlining the billing method (such as hourly rate or fixed fee). Additionally, we will clearly define the rates for each service and any applicable additional charges to ensure complete clarity.


Terms and Conditions

The process of collecting pre-construction deliverables requires a significant amount of time and effort. This information plays a crucial role in determining the project outcomes and is vital for accurate estimation and quoting. If you choose not to proceed or enter into a building contract with Modcraft Services after the provision of pre-construction services, the intellectual property rights will belong to you, allowing you to utilise them as you see fit.