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Insurance Building Repair & Restoration Services in Torquay

With immediate access to a full range of trades, we'll get you back on your feet quickly.

With our strategic positioning and experience we possess the ideal capabilities to handle every aspect of insurance building services. Whether it’s urgent repairs or minor fixes, or even extensive reinstatement projects involving intricate and large-scale undertakings, we’ve got you covered.

The primary focus of our insurance building services in Torquay lies in delivering exceptional customer service, offering a diverse range of services, optimising costs, and ensuring efficient performance management.

As a result, ModCraft Services excels in providing unparalleled building repair and emergency response solutions, guaranteeing a superior service experience throughout Victoria.

What makes our Insurance Building Services unparalleled?

We can quickly restore damaged properties and custom heritage buildings while preserving structural integrity and historic design.This ability can be attributed to our cutting-edge reinstatement processes and decades of industry experience.

Our team of experts offering insurance building services in Torquay has experience in many different market sectors. Regardless of the scope of the project or the complexity of the structure in question, we guarantee that all claims are handled with the highest care. We have set new standards for building quality because of our meticulous attention to detail and individualised service.

Over the years since the start of our endeavour over 30 years back, we have set new standards for building excellence by using state-of-the-art techniques and procedures in all of our projects with a unique approach to building restoration. Excellent building expertise is essential for quickly restoring damaged houses, and this is particularly true when working on heritage buildings.

With every project that we pick up, we provide a high calibre of dependability and quality to justify our reputation and live up to the expectations of our valued clients. In fact, we strive to go above and beyond our client’s expectations at every stage of the building process, whether it be in construction, fit-out, restoration, or extension.

We at ModCraft Services are dedicated to giving our clients the best possible service. Our project managers and estimators are highly knowledgeable in their respective industries and are trade-qualified. Our experts offering insurance building services in Geelong accomplish this by making certain that each project satisfies our exacting standards of quality.


With over 30 years of combined industry experience, we excel as a builder, proficient in addressing the full spectrum of insurance building needs.

From minor repairs to emergency make safes and comprehensive reinstatement works encompassing large and intricate projects, our expertise spans across the building landscape.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our customer-centric approach, diverse service portfolio, cost-effective strategies, and efficient performance management.

The implementation of a specialised team approach allows us to strategically allocate resources and expertise, ensuring competitive, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions for repairs of all magnitudes.

Irrespective of the scale of repairs, ModCraft Services possesses the right team, resources, and experience to consistently provide an exceptional level of service to both our clients and the insured.

Dedicated sub-trades through years of relationship building and trust.

Our management team who is at the helm of our insurance building services near Torquay provides expertise and experience in the areas of leadership, project estimation and resourcing and logistics, and are fully supported by our in-house administration and human resource team. Our people have a positive and flexible approach to problem solving and embrace the opportunity to create and continually build relationships with our key clients and partners.

We operate a robust building maintenance team who can respond 24/7 to security issues and disasters caused by adverse weather conditions in addition to general property maintenance and repair work.

Our primary focus lies in delivering exceptional customer service, offering a diverse range of services, optimising costs, and ensuring efficient performance management.



The ordeal of having your building damaged should be the end of the trauma for you.

Engaging the right building company to rebuild or fix the damage to your residential or commercial building should be a painless experience. Our Torquay insurance building services may include urgent repairs, minor fixes or even extensive reinstatement projects involving intricate and large-scale undertakings. With immediate access to a full range of trades and regardless of the size of repairs, we have the team, resources, and experience to consistently deliver an outstanding level of service to both our clients and their customers.

Values that drive us



First and foremost, we prioritise understanding you as our client. Before we even put anything on paper, we take the time to listen and learn about your goals, lifestyle, expectations, and budget. This allows us to work closely with you, ensuring that we can achieve your desired outcome while staying within your budgetary constraints.



Transparency is the cornerstone of the approach of our Torquay insurance building services . Our relationships are open, collaborative and based on trust. These relationships ensure that the client and customers expectations are met whilst not only adding value to their homes but creating spaces for them to enjoy, appreciate and create new lasting memories.



ModCraft Services exceed all relevant laws and regulations, we comply with Australian standards. All work is completed to standard and we provide all warranties, guarantees and compliance certificates.



We have built a strong reputation for quality and service which has been led by our senior staff and project managers. Our trusted network of trades within our team thrive on the challenges that each project presents. It's their passion and commitment to excellence that drives them.


Some very obvious FAQ regarding insurance building services

How should I file an insurance claim for storm damage?

Once we are done with our inspection and if your damage is

considered to be covered under the insurance claim, we will raise the claim on your behalf

There are two ways in which it can be done:

  • A Three-Way call with ModCraft Services, the insurer & you as the owner on the line. You will have to confirm that you wish ModCraft Services to be the main contact who will facilitate a justified outcome for all the needed repairs of your property.
  • You can lodge a Letter Of Authorisation from your end online

Next, we submit a claim for the storm damage to your property along with the event date and other details. We will provide you with your claim number and keep you informed at every stage of the procedure.

Will I have to pay money for filing the claim?

Not at all! We will file the claim on your behalf for free. The Insurance Company will pay for the restoration of your property and repair of the storm damage. The only cost that you have to incur is your excess. At the time of settlement. the insurance company will deduct the excess before forwarding the agreed amount to your account.

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