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The Most Reputable Home Builders in Torquay

“We craft your dream, building your ideal home!”

Our team of highly skilled home builders in Torquay can bring your dream to life, whether it is your custom luxury inclusions or architecturally pre-designed floor plans. You can keep your trust in us, as we have decades of experience in building exquisite homes, tailored to suit your varying family needs.

The uncommon floor plans and superior craftsmanship is the key element that enables us to offer outstanding service and high-quality residential constructions. Modcraft Services is unmatched in its commitment to designing and constructing functional, liveable homes that fit your family’s lifestyle. We take great satisfaction in building houses that complement each client’s unique requirements. We are renowned for our meticulous attention to detail, imaginative design concepts and superior craftsmanship.

Build Your Dream Home with No. 1 New Home Builders in Torquay

With years of experience, our professional team will help you build your new home with confidence! Our skilled home builders in Torquay are eager to collaborate with you to know your needs and provide services accordingly.

New Builds we craft usually include:

Why Choose Us as Your Trusted Builders?

Modcraft Services stands out for offering exceptional new home construction work. We craft unique floor plans and superior workmanship throughout each of our homes. We are unmatched in our commitment to designing and constructing accessible, liveable homes that fit your family’s lifestyle. Our accredited builders take great satisfaction in building homes that complement each client’s unique lifestyle. They are renowned for their attention to detail, imaginative designs and high-quality construction materials.

Values that drive us



First and foremost, we prioritise understanding you as our client. Before we even put anything on paper, we take the time to listen and learn about your goals, lifestyle, expectations, and budget. This allows us to work closely with you, ensuring that we can achieve your desired outcome while staying within your budgetary constraints.



Transparency is the cornerstone of our approach. Our relationships are open, collaborative and based on trust. These relationships ensure that the client and customers expectations are met whilst not only adding value to their homes but creating spaces for them to enjoy, appreciate and create new lasting memories.



ModCraft Services exceed all relevant laws and regulations, we comply with Australian standards. All work is completed to standard and we provide all warranties, guarantees and compliance certificates.



We have built a strong reputation for quality and service which has been lead by our senior staff and project managers. Our trusted network of trades within our team thrive on the challenges that each project presents. It's their passion and commitment to excellence that drives them to do what they do best.


FAQs About Home Builders in Torquay

Do you build home extensions?

Our areas of expertise are custom home design and construction. We specialise in providing top-notch solutions for new home construction, renovations and more.

Are you experienced?

Yes, we have decades of experience in this field and create high-quality home designs. We have a reputation as reliable builders and have received numerous honours for business and housing excellence.

What kind of homes do you build and construct?

For your next home, you can choose from a large selection of our designs.

Among our designs are:

  • Single Storey
  • Double Storey
  • Duplex/Dual
  • Custom Houses
  • New Home Builds
  • Renovation and more.

We can create the ideal house design for you, whether your priorities are a sizable family room, additional parking spaces, a creative theatre room or plenty of outdoor areas for entertaining!

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If you’re looking for home builders near Torquay, you can reach us anytime at Modcraft Services. We offer a diverse range of services according to your unique needs and desires.

However, if you want to discuss and share your ideas about building your ideal house, contact us at 0418 152 044 or email us at!